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Our company

” From grape to glass. “

Offering you a unique selection of wines, personally selected for our Davao Region. Wines that are accessible in terms of quality, price and taste profile, and not usually found in other stores locally, to help you continue trying new grapes, and new regions, as you travel with us with every sip.

Clink! aims to help you on your Wine Journey, not just by selling wines, but also by offering tasting classes, social events to meet and learn from other wine enthusiasts, with interesting options for events, and gift ideas, throughout the year.


Something different

Our wine selections are not found in most liquor stores in Davao City offering a variety of grapes from the regions they’re from. Travel with us!

Something new

We offer exploration classes and tastings, to help you start your journey. Ask us if you want us at your event or if you have gift ideas. 

One stop shop

We also have various liquor, spirits, and accessories available, to complete your experience. Wine glasses, bottle openers, decanters, and more…


The lady behind

” I just want to share my love of wine, food, and travel.”

Celina Anna Le Neindre, daughter of Chef Claude Le Neindre, of Claude’s Cafe Davao, a French Restaurant serving from 1996-2018, found her love for wine when she moved back to France in 2004. Since then she has been accredited as a WSET Certified Level 2 (Wine and Spirits Education Trust).

With 15 years of experience in several industries such as Events, Restaurant Management, Hotel Management, Resort Development, Liquor Brand Ambassador, and Sales and Marketing, she is now ready to share her passion and love for wine, food, and travel.

What do we offer

  1. Wines and Liquor for sale
  2. Wine Tasting
  3. Wine Reviews
  4. Wine accessories
  5. Trainings
  6. Wine Cellar

Winery Tours

By Appointment Only

Wine tasting

Available for both in-house or online

Wine reviews

Follow our youtube channel for educational reviews enjoyable for even new wine lovers.


We can conduct training for your restaurant/bar staff