The Three Favorite Facts About Red Wine’s Health Benefit

by Jan 21, 2021Red Wine0 comments

The health benefits of red wine are often celebrated as much as they are questioned.

Yes, it is true that it is only really healthy when you drink it moderately. However, that goes for all wine! That doesn’t really take away the fact that it is still one of the healthier types you could have after a nice dinner.

Therefore, if you’ve acquired a taste for red wine, it does help to know more about how you can benefit greatly from one or two cups of it every day. That way, you will know just how it can fit within your lifestyle and what other things you can do to further improve its effects on your health.

Red Wine Fact #1: It is rich in antioxidants.

Red wine is produced from crushing dark grapes wholesale (hence, its color). That allows it to preserve much of the vitamins and antioxidants of the fruit inside the drink.

Antioxidants are compounds that help reduce harmful free radicals that may sometimes be produced as a result of your body’s metabolism. As far as nutrition goes, that makes it a great drink to pair with various berries (that also pack a lot of antioxidants themselves).

Red Wine Fact #2: It can help manage cholesterol.

Red wine’s alcohol content is also known for reducing risks of blood clots and improving levels of good cholesterol. This is one of the contributing factors that make moderate red wine drinking the safest option for people vulnerable to heart disease.

The same goes if you are trying to go for a more cholesterol free diet but would rather much unwind with a glass after a stressful week.

Red Wine Fact #3: Using it for cooking helps too.

If you’ve seen red wine used in a lot of cooking videos, then you know that it’s hardly just for show. Whether it’s to create a sauce or even basting a steak with it, many talented cooks know the power of imparting red wine’s sweet flavor into meats.

The best part is that you will also be reducing the wine’s alcohol content considerably when you do this. So, if you’d like just a little bit more taste of red wine in your day, learning how to cook with it can do just that while still giving plenty of the same benefits.

” Wine is bottled poetry”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

On a final note, you may have heard about a particular antioxidant called resveratrol that is said to be behind many of red wine’s health benefits. It is said because resveratrol is found on the skin. However, you should still know that there is not that much of it in red wine so don’t depend on it too much as a source for your body.

Even with that said though, consider grabbing a bottle of pinot noir if you want the healthiest choice for your red wine habit. It has the highest percentage of resveratrol out of all the other types and can certainly help your health goals along.

Again, while moderation is one of the important things to keep in mind for your health, there is no disputing that red wine certainly carries a bigger bang for your nutritional buck than the rest!