Why Rosé Wine is a Favorite for Girls’ Night Out

by Oct 29, 2020Rosé0 comments

Okay, let’s say that you just learned about a neat, little bar has just opened up near your workplace and you decided to check it out if it’s a nice place to start a girls’ night out.

Once you’re there, you see they’ve got a lot of options such as the usual red, white and sparkling wines. Somewhere on the side you see several bright, pink bottles of what can only be the rosé wines.

Now, there’s a chance you might think that those are a little too girly or too light for your friends to try. But before you brush those aside, there are a lot of good reasons why you often see them in a lot of bars and wine stores. The dainty appearance of rosé wines belie their long history in the art and can be far more sophisticated than people think.

And more importantly, they could be the best choice for a great evening with your besties. Consider the following:

They have good value for their price.

Rosé wines have some of the widest range when it comes to pricing. This is due to the simpler way they are made, either as a byproduct of creating red wine or just basic maceration (where grapes are simply crushed, skin, seeds and all when making the juice).

It is also because one can pretty much make a rosé out of any variety of vineyard grape, and it is why they are one of the most widely available wines in the world. Some bottles can be around 1,000 to 1,600 PHP but there are others that can be as low as half that price.

It’s more casual.

The more affordable varieties of rosé wine make it a nice choice for more casual drinking if you’re not too fond of beers. So if you’re planning a night out but don’t want to spend too much on alcohol, a few glasses of rosé can be a lot easier on your expenses.

That frees up your budget for other activities, as well as food (as a side note, rosé pairs quite excellently with grilled meat and fish). Remember, drinks are just one of the things your friends will be looking forward to for a good time after a shift.

Wide range of flavors.

Given the way they’re made, rosé allows for a lot of creativity among winemakers. For those producing red wine, rosé is an opportunity to create a good side product. For those who make it their main product, its simple production method can allow them to mix a wide range of flavours.

That makes rosé capable of catering to a variety of tastes. Some can be strong and dry, while others are very fruity and sweet. Better still, you can be sure that a lot of good bars know this pretty well and can easily recommend which kind your friends will like best.

So, the next time you see those pink bottles of rosé during a night out with the girls, don’t hesitate to give them a sip. They don’t cost much, are casual enough for the occasion, all while still delivering the sophisticated flavors of good wine.